Sonarr no longer detecting second Hard Drive (Can use drive in Explorer though)


Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Windows 10 x64 Pro
Debug logs:
Description of issue:
I have a total of 4 Hard Drive on my machine:
C: - Windows (SSD)
E: - Storage (HDD)
I: - Installs (SSD)
P: - Plex (HHD)

Sonarr used to see all drives when I was setting the download location when adding a series, but now it can no longer see P:. I can still access P: via Windows Explorer and Run files on the drives, such as movies on the drive.


Going to need debug logs


Sorry about that:


I don’t see any files there.


I swore I upload it, I’m sorry. They are there now.


I don’t see any reference to P:\ in either of those log files, just lots of failures connecting to SABnzbd in the info level log file.


Yeah, another issue I have is with with that connection.

But I also included screenshots of my Disk Manager, showing the P:.

Is there a way to rescan for available disk drives inside of Sonarr?


They’re there now, they weren’t when I looked before.

Do those log cover the loading of the System: Info page?

Sonarr will will include disk there, if it’s used for any series or it’s a fixed drive and isn’t filtered out (nothing on Windows is filtered though) and Sonarr can get the disk space for it (if it can’t in this case it will log a warning).

Looks like a fixed disk, so I don’t see why it’s not showing up unless it’s failing to get the free space.

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