Sonarr moving random files into season folder when downloading season pack


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OS: UnRaid
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When Sonarr imports a season it grabs random files from my download folder and add them to the shows season folder. Season 2 is in my download client, season 1 is not but Sonarr still creates a season 1 folder and imports random files to it. Season one is set to umonitored in Sonarr so dont know why it add files to season 1 at all.

I did some testing, and this only happens when a season pack is added without using “add torrent name to path” in rutorrent.

The show I try to import is Happy!

Here are som pictures of the problem!


Files imported to seasons:


That’s the problem. Your torrent client is telling Sonarr to go to the root folder to import the files for that series + season so Sonarr does, because at that point it already knows which series they are supposed to belong to.

Unmonitored tells Sonarr not to automatically grab releases, it has nothing to do with importing.


Got it sorted out on Discord. They said the same thing you are saying :slight_smile:

How can Sonarr import season 1 when there are noe files or no downloads in my client that has anything to do with happy season 1? It just grabs randomly files and for some reason add them to season one.


Same as I said, Sonarr is told to look in that folder for downloads for the series Happy! Sonarr finds other episodes with missing/lower qualities for season 1 and imports them because it’s already established files in that folder are supposed to be for the series it was told about.

The same logic is used to import from a complete series pack (which Sonarr doesn’t support), it’d know about season 1 being there, but not the others, but would happily import them once complete.


Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:

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