Sonarr moving files to destination

Package Version
x64-6.2.4_20240114-4 by SynoCommunity

Description of issue:
Sonarr not copying downloaded files to destination folder. Files get copied to complete folder, unpacked but never get moved to destination folder every single file it fetches ends up with “No files found are eligible for import in /volume1/SabsNZB/complete/etc etc…” I verified that the SC-download group and SC-media group have RW to both the download destination and to the sorted folder destination. Ive reinstalled 3 times but seem some setting stick around as the permissions never seem to change after reinstall or at least the issue isnt resolved.

Ive been running Sonarr on Synology with Sabnzbd for over 10yrs this last update broke something just not sure what or where. Ive double and triple checked permissons on the folders but Im missing something and just dont know what that could be.