Sonarr Movie Support Discussion & Planning

@gallileo I created a Discord server for Radarr. You’re welcome to join and it may help contributors proceed with development in a more organized fashion.

It also may become a hub for support when that becomes necessary.

Anyone else who wants to work on the project is welcome to join as well.

I would suggest starting some kind of funding tool for sonarr to support movies. I think alot of people would be interested in donating to help with development, CP looks to be dead and we need an alternative. Sonarr works so well!

We’re interested to see where this fork goes, maybe we can look at merging the two in the future, but separate apps focusing on different things isn’t a bad idea either. Best of luck!

@adriank99 that has been suggested a number of times, but we have no interest in doing that. Once people commit money to an idea it’s expected it will be done and then Sonarr becomes a job that we have to do, not because we want to. Money doesn’t help us find the time to work on it more in our busy lives.

radarr docker is available now

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@vertigo235 I find your idea really interesting.
I’ve just tried your docker it is working (not fully but I know it is the beginning).
I’ve already have couchpotato but I find it so poor compared to what Sonarr can do… (especially with my indexer).
I’m not a developper (only sysadmin) but if I can help you with it let me know I would love to see Radarr working as well as Sonarr.

This would be a great feature to have. However, all I really need is detection and renaming/moving support. I don’t really download movies, I buy Blu-Rays, or DVD’s if the movie I want isn’t available on Blu-Ray.

I’m am currently moving away from Media Center Master, after a few years of using it I am tired of the slow interface.

I was told about Sonarr from one of the Emby developers a few day ago, and love it. I prefer the web-based gui over a traditional one.

Guys, i saw this on another thread here .

Is this legit ?

Yes, that’s our interim website.


Again, WOW!
Fantastic first dev branch. Really excited about this project and waiting to see more developed. So far from a first drive-through everything seems super with the same sonarr interface and options. I’m still using CP which for some unexplained reason my installation works fine without any issues so i will be waiting for further stable releases from your team and then i’m switching over with my eyes closed.

p.s: Put a bitcoin donation option, will glad pay for this stuff
p.s2: advertise more your work, people should come to this and find out about the CP alternative.

Radarr looks great! Any plans for a synology pakkage?

I must say, I’m really looking forward to the movie support. You guys are great :slight_smile: !

Although, from a user standpoint, I think it would be easier to have a single app for both tv series and movies.
It would simplify the use, both for people who use it directly and those who use additional tools, like PlexRequests/Ombi.

On the other hand, I do understand that it’s easier to maintain as a separate fork.

PS: I could contribute only in testing, if that’s needed. When it comes to programming, I don’t have two pennies to rub together :smiley: . That being said, hit me up if I could help :slight_smile: .

Are you planning to add subtitle support? This is the one thing that i miss most

Yes, eventually we will add subtitle support.


Can we start like a Gofundme for this? I’d definitely like to see support for movies

For Sonarr? If so this has been answered ad nauseum, money doesn’t solve the time problem. We have no plans for movie support at this time, Radarr is our recommendation if you’re looking for something else.


Wow, that’s fantastic! In searching for an alternative for couchpotato radarr did not come up. Thank you!

Awesome! I immediately downloaded and installed Radarr :smiley:

I’ll be tweaking my own 3rd party add-ons to work with Radarr as well in the coming time.

I just discovered Radarr. Very very pleased I might say :smiley:

I already created an automated subtitle downloader for Sonarr ([Sonarr AutoSubber v3] Cross platform automated multilingual subtitle downloading) that I will be tweaking to work with Radarr as well.

So until it’ll become a native function/add-on you could use my script.

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