Sonarr missing EVERYTHING!

I am not sure of my version but it should be in the logfile
same with mono
running with ubuntu 22.04

logfile: (password: 7pWxzuhkyL)

Sonarr will no longer run. It was running but I restarted and now it doesn’t. That was not quite true. It started, according to the log, but then stopped. I have no clue as to what is going on.

Sonarr has something in excess of 380 pages of stuff to download. Its downloading EVERYTHING! Everything was fine when I went to bed and when I got up this morning it had downloaded a pile of stuff and was still add it. I need to know how to stop that and then delete stuff.
It was also downloading stuff that was no longer in any list I knew of like game of thrones.


Sonarr started. I change wanted from unmonitored to monitored and that seemed to fix the problem. I must have done that - apologies!

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