Sonarr Issue with managing downloaded shows in FreeNAS

Sonarr version:
Mono version:
OS: FreeNAS 11.3

Here is how I want the setup to be:

Download Client: Transmission, it is straight forward
Indexer: Jackett
Organizer: Sonarr
Media Server: PLEX

Transmission to download files to a folder (/mnt/Media/Media-Dataset/Transmission-Dataset), where then Sonarr takes care of the organizing of the TV Shows.

So mainly, i want Sonarr to move the shows to two different locations:

  1. for 16+ Shows to be moved to (/mnt/Media/Media-Dataset/TV-Shows/Parents)
  2. For Kids Shows to be moved to (/mnt/Media/Media-Dataset/TV-Shows/Kids)

I managed to do all the following steps, but I am not sure how to add the shows in Sonarr and make it organize them the way I need. I know there is a permission aspects for this and I believe there should be even a mounting points as well.

I did this, stopped Sonarr and did a mounting points from (/mnt/Media/Media-Dataset/Transmission-Dataset) to Sonarr media mount, but i do not see them and it is not what i am looking for

All steps are done through GUI,

FreeNAS 11.3

A) within FreeNAS 11.3:

  1. Created Group Transmission GID: 921
  2. Created Username t.admin UID: 921
  3. Created Pool named Media
  4. Created Dataset named Media-Dataset (/mnt/Media/Media-Dataset), Share Type: SMB
  5. In Media-Dataset ACL, changed the user to t.admin and Group to Transmission
  6. Created SMB Share /mnt/Media/Media-Dataset, disabled Shadow Copies
  7. In Media-Dataset ACL, Assigned my user with access to view it
  8. Created Dataset named Transmission-Dataset (/mnt/Media/Media-Dataset/Transmission-Dataset), Share Type: SMB
  9. In Transmission-Dataset ACL, changed the user to t.admin and Group to Transmission
  10. In Media-Dataset ACL, Assigned my user with access to view it
  11. In Plugin and Jail selected Media as storage
  12. Installed Sonnar, Jail named as (Sonarr_J)
  13. Installed Transmission, Jail named as (Transmission_J)
  14. Installed Jackett, Jail named as (Jackett_J)
  15. Stopped Jackett, to update it to DHCP, unset NAT (forget to do it while installing)
  16. Started Jackett
  17. Stopped Transmission, to mount Source: /mnt/Media/Media-Dataset/Transmission-Dataset, Destination: /mnt/Media/iocage/jails/Transmission_J/root/media
  18. Started Transmission

B) Within Jackett:

  1. Checked for updates and updated the version as the one installed was old
  2. Added my indexers

C) within Sonarr:

  1. Added the indexers from Jacketts (
  2. Added other indexers
  3. Added Download Client (Transmission)
  4. After doing D)02.

D) Within Transmission:

  1. After doing A)18. Changed Download to: /media
  2. Tested downloading a torrent file to check if it will download to Transmission-Dataset >> File was downloaded correctly

To start you’d add two root root folders and import the series within them (or add new ones), do this through Add Series, Import Existing and select /mnt/Media/Media-Dataset/TV-Shows/Parents and /mnt/Media/Media-Dataset/TV-Shows/Kids

If permissions prevent Sonarr from adding those root folders or importing from Transmission then you’ll need to investigate from there.

well that is the point where i actually need help and more details

here is a test that i have made:

  1. so the file is downloaded to /mnt/Media-Pool/Media-Dataset/Transmission-Dataset and i can see it from Windows (this is actually where Transmission is downloading.

  2. now i have got the below error
    Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr: /media/The.Blacklist.S07E18.Roy.Cain.720p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.H.264-NTb[].mkv

when i added a the series, i did the following;

  1. first created my root /mnt/Media-Pool/Media-Dataset/Sonarr-Dataset where the post processed data should be (for testing purposes the directory names are different

  2. i searched for The Blacklist and selected the path as /media/

  3. in Remote Path Mappings
    i added the
    server IP

i am sure there is something wrong that i have done

If /media is mapped to /mnt/Media-Pool/Media-Dataset/Sonarr-Dataset why did you use the remote path mapping to map /mnt/Media-Pool/Media-Dataset/Transmission-Dataset/ to /media?

A remote path mapping tells Sonarr where to find the downloaded files, not where to move files (Sonarr already knows where to move them by the path set for the series).

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