Sonarr is still monitoring all previously downloaded episodes

All previously downloaded episodes are still been monitored. I tried refreshing/scanning but they remain ‘monitored’.

Do I need to go into the ‘season pass’ category then select all and update them all to ‘future episodes’?
All my episodes have always been set for future only, however, suddenly they are stuck/remaining in ‘monitored’ mode for any/all episodes that have already downloaded the past week or so.

Or are they suppose to stay ‘monitored’ till the following episode? Most of the ones i just checked appears to remain monitored even from four days ago which I assume this will change to unmonitor after the next/following episode is grabbed and downloaded.

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Please include all the information in the template, including Sonarr version and debug logs.

os: w7sp1

“Future” applies at the moment you click it, nothing more. Otherwise the second it airs it’d become unmonitored and never grab, because it’s no longer in the future.

Unless you’re deleting them and have Ignore Deleted Episodes enabled then Sonarr will continue to monitor them.

They stay monitored forever, unless unmonitored manually or via them being ignored because they were deleted (with that setting enabled).

No, nothing is been deleted, I attached a screenshot of what I’m referring to. Episodes that have already been grabbed from several days ago or recently, appear to stay ‘monitored’ until the following subsequent episode is grabbed and downloaded which then I believe sonarr sets the current episode to ‘unmonitor’. So in other words, episodes grabbed and downloaded stay ‘monitored’ until the next episode is grabbed and downloaded then sonarr sets the previous episode to ‘unmonitor’, if this normal then ok, if not then it may be a bug. The episode in the screenshot is from the 17th as you can see it is still in ‘monitor’ mode. The episode has not been moved, touched, deleted, renamed or anything else. This is also occurring to most other series.

It doesn’t. This has never been something Sonarr has done.

The previous episodes don’t have files, were they not deleted?

Those episodes were never downloaded by sonarr. I started using sonarr for that series starting from that episode that you see on the screenshot. So why are they still been ‘monitored’ several days after they have been grabbed and saved?

Asked and answered…

What answer? Where?

Sonarr is leaving the ‘monitor’ flag for days after it has grabbed and downloaded the episode. It is doing this for most/all series.

I thought that once it grabbed and downloaded the episode that it would change the flag from monitor to unmonitor. A Refresh/Scan makes no difference.

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I do have ignore deleted episodes, however, I’m not deleting them but the ‘monitor’ flag stays on for episodes that have already been grabbed and downloaded till it grabbs the following one. Yes I understand that future setting applies ‘starting’ ‘from’ the moment it is set but episodes that have already been downloaded, checked, scanned, and verified by sonarr should no longer continue to be monitored at least by my logic since seven days ago no longer applies to ‘future’ or ‘present’.

No they do not stay monitored forever because sonarr monitors the episode it already downloaded till the following episode is grabbed and then automatically removes the ‘unmonitor’ flag from the previous episode. At least that is what is doing to some of the series that I have noticed.

So to summarize my understanding and excluding the enabling of the ‘ignore deleted’ setting or manually unmonitoring, then sonarr considers a ‘future’ flag till the next future episode is grabbed then sonarr now considers the previous episode as a ‘past’ and changes the flag to ‘unmonitor’ since it is no longer considered ‘future’.

Below is a screenshot of a perfect example: ep-06 was been ‘monitored’ for the past seven days while it was in that folder untouched and sonarr just changed it to unmonitor after it grabbed ep-07 a short while ago (it shows yesterday since it is after midnight here).

No, it’ll stay indefinitely, it won’t stay on just for a week.

Sonarr will not unmonitor episodes, it uses profiles to control whether upgrades will be grabbed, if the cutoff is met the monitored flag won’t do anything, but it’s still there.

Nope, it’s not how it works. When you tell Sonarr to monitor future episodes you tell it, as of right this second I want you to monitor all future episodes for this series. Then that’s all it does, it doesn’t store that you wanted to monitor future episodes it just applies it and then forgets about it. This is the same reason that’s not a setting when you edit the series.

That’s most likely due to

Not a feature, a work around to deal with bad data.

Ok, now I got it. LOL,

They are supposedly to remain monitored with the exception of the recent tvdb-api issues. This explains why some are been unmonitored like in the screenshot and others are not which is where the confusion was for me as to why this was occurring for some and not others without manually making any changes.

I have not done the two suggested ‘workarounds’. I can disable the ‘auto search’, however, I do not have a clear understanding of how the ‘Older Priority’/‘Initial Priority’ works or how the ‘cutoff’ works or what it does.

Recent/Older Priority is just when sending downloads to your download client. The rest is in the help text underneath the dropdowns. In a typical use case you’d want to set Recent Priority to First, so you can watch todays’ episode while older stuff is given lower priority in your download client.

Cutoff: whole books have been written about it. Summary: if your quality profile has multiple qualities selected, sonarr will attempt to upgrade the episodes with better quality ones as/when they are released until it reaches the cutoff quality.

Out of the 25 that have two or more episodes, twenty-two are unmonitoring the previous episode(s) after the ‘new/next’ one is released and only three are staying monitored (which is how it should be according to you) except that due to the tvdb issue that started around 10 days ago, it is causing almost all previous to become unmonitored which is not how it should be, however, according to the notification it only affected under 1% for him (which is opposite to my experience where it has affected 99% of mine). So once I disable the ‘auto search for indexers’ they will remain monitored indefinitely.

I started using sonarr around the time this tvdb-api issue started so I cannot confirm as to how the automonitoring should normally function but after verifying every series, it appears that the automonitoring has been very consistent at monitoring an episode until the following/next episode is released then it ‘unmonitors’ the previous episode, which is how I initially believed is how it normally should work. I attached a screen of the 22/25 that has two or more episodes showing this precise consistency.

This is terrible behavior, and there should be an option to not deal with it.



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