Sonarr is not deleting folder and files after moving episode

Notice when going through SABnzbd it does not delete the folder or files. But if you import manually it will delete the files. Seems auto through SABnzdb does not know where the files and the folder are downloaded to, to delete them. Could we add a deletation location in sonarr, so it know where to do the clean up after an import.

It has done that for as long as I can remember…

I suggest you remove the automation from the process. Have Sonarr drop everything into a master folder and manually sort from there. Regardless of claims otherwise I believe the process of having the files auto-filed and auto-removed from your download client has a far bigger risk of causing you to miss watching something cause you missed seeing that it downloaded at all. Of course this would mean once you manually sort the files into their proper locations anby folders that they were originally in would have to be manually deleted.

what version of sonarr and sab do you have? works for me - it tells sab to clean up the job (sonarr doesnt clean up itself, it asks the download client to). im fairly certain v2 had this as well but i havent used that version in years.

settings > download clients
make sure this option is enabled (you will need to enable advanced options to see it)

if you have debug logging enabled it will show up in the logs as something like this;
21-1-28 14:08:18.5|Debug|SabnzbdProxy|Url: http://sabnzbd:8080/api?mode=history&name=delete&del_files=1&value=SABnzbd_nzo_33gqtdk6&apikey=(removed)&output=json

so long as it has del_files=1 then sab should clean up the whole job.

easy way to check is if youve still got old jobs in the sab history then its not enabled

Yes, let’s take away the biggest advantage of sonarr which works for the vast majority of users… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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That’s an opinion.

well thats just as contradictory because if sonarr is moving the files to a “central” location instead of the actual series folders then its still automation

thats why theres an activity history page - if you have a large number of shows, as i do, then thats where you go to see whats been downloaded

i would have liked to have a “watched” flag, like the monitored flag, for an episode, but playback management isnt really part of sonarrs role, that belongs with plex/emby/jellyfin/etc.

seems like a lot of effort for little result but if all you want sonarr to do is grab stuff and then leave it alone - then you can set it up that way pretty easily.

i know youre peeved because of the issues you are having but if you dont like the way sonarr does something then open a feature request for it, dont just go around complaining on other people threads.


First I’m not peeved at my issue. It only seems to happen to one show a week. I honestly can live with that. What peeves me and you know it is you. You keep pushing so hard to do thing one way and only one way. If someone wants to completely automate everything fine dandy great. I just think there is a point where automation can become an issue.

Now that said The reasons I suggest everything downloaded gets downloaded into one folder are as follows:

  1. Having Sonarr hand the file off to the download client and then have nothing to do with it other than monitoring the download means no having to go through log files to see what was downloaded. See everything at one glance in one folder.

  2. Makes it one folder to be scanned for security risk instead of multiple locations, saving system resources.

  3. Having everything in one location makes it less likely you will miss seeing a show, movie, or app.

sorry OP for the completely off topic crap

im pissing you off by helping. ok.

im helping people who are asking for it, you dont want my help thats fine, someone else can help you.

no, i dont push for any specific way - just the way that would fix that persons issue.

you on the other hand didnt even care about this OPs issue, you just said to do it your way and disable the automation.

you do realise that the majority of people install sonarr for the automation.

if they state they want sonarr to clean up then i tell them what option to enable to do that - if that goes against the way they want sonarr to do things then they need to point that out so myself, and others, can bring up any alternatives.

in this case though there are none. if you want the jobs cleaned up after sonarr imports them then you have to enable that option.

thats not me pushing for doing it my way - its literally the only way that will work.

good for you - i dont particularly care what way anyone does it - thats up to them - but they need to point that out when theyre having issues.

just dont pretend like its a “better” option because its how you do it - its not using sonarr to its full potential but again, if you dont want to then you dont have to - its why there are options.

its not one folder - its lots of folders as typically the download jobs will have multiple files so end up in job based folders. you can typically disable that option in download clients but then you end up with all those extra files in youre “one” folder.

as i said before though - you can do that if you want to. sonarr does not have to import them if you dont want it to, you can do that manually or watch them from there.

er, why isnt your system scanning them as theyre downloading and ending up on the hdd? thats typically how its done. and youre just going to leave them in the downloads folder, youre not going to move them anywhere else on your system that would cause it to be rescanned again?

again, theres a whole activity history page for that. theres also the calendar view with pretty colour coded stuff too. just because you dont want to use them doesnt mean others wont mind.

look, by all means if you dont want to automate much at all then dont, just stop whining about it on other peoples threads. create one for that specific topic, or use the one for your current issue.


Sorry OP but @rhom is being EXTREMELY rude and completely untruthful.

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