Sonarr indexer failure everyday

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OS: TrueNAS-12.0-U8.1 Jail
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I have a weird problem with my Sonarr. I use Prowlarr to add indexers to Sonarr. It works fine after I added about 10 indexers. But Sonarr will complain all indexers stop working within a day. If I restart the Sonarr service, it will work fine for about a day, then get this complaint again. Both my Sonarr and Prowlarr are in their own jail on a TrueNAS 12.0 server. I have another jail for Radarr on the same server, it uses Prowlarr for indexers as well, it never had this issue. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Sonarr version:

Prowlarr version:

TrueNAS version: TrueNAS-12.0-U8.1


Those logs are not accessible.

Please share them as specified in the wiki…

Your prowlarr version is also a bit out of date…im assuming you’re waiting on the pkg to be updated?

I have updated the log link. it should be good now. Yes, I am waiting for pkg to update Prowlarr. I changed it to latest and there is no newer version available.

  • Still shared via a google doc and not via the method noted in the wiki
  • info logs are not debug logs and typically info logs are not helpful for any debugging
  • what questions do you have on the 6 steps in the wiki that the forum template says to review? It seems none of the steps were able to be followed?
  • the error is clear - the connection is timing out between Sonarr and prowlarr. This is not a Sonarr nor Prowlarr issue; the problem is your local system having networking issues. You’ll probably have more luck in the BSD forums for finding out why connections between jails are regularly dropping and timing out.

I will try to get the debug log. When this happens, I tried to ping Prowlarr jail from Sonarr jail, it works fine. The problem once it times out, it stays timeout unless I restart the sonarr service, note, I do not need to restart the jail, just the service it will work find for a day. I don’t think this is network issue.

If the connection is timing out it is very clearly a networking issue by definition.

Pinging jails is not the same as the apps communicating at all

But that does not explain that I don’t need to restart jail to fix the issue. Unless restarting Sonarr service has something to do with network

okay, I got the trace file for the issue. Can anyone help take a look? Thank you

trace file
debug file

Trace logs don’t show anything different to conclude otherwise