Sonarr + Handbrake ... kinda works

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: openmediavault / docker
Debug logs:
Description of issue: handbrake conversion issue

my initial issue was that some of my files won’t play on certain devices using plex. what i have been doing is just downloading another version until it worked. recently started to use handbrake do conversions and it has been working like a charm, but been manually converting and replacing back in media folder. just set up it work “automatically”, where the download client completed location is the watch folder for handbrake and the output from handbrake is the completed folder for sonarr. here is where the problem lives, sonarr is looking for the file with same file extension but handbrake converts from mkv to mp4. not finding how to fix in handbrake but is there a way sonarr can get around this? fyi, it’ll post process if change the extension to mkv. thanks in advance

you would need to use a post-process script, either in the download client or in sonarr (import/upgrade)

basically the script would check the media properties and if not the right format run handbrake on it to convert it to the correct format.

if you use the download client then the script should pass the new filename back to the download client which will then pass it on to sonarr

if you use sonarr then the script would need to import the new file via sonarrs api

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