Sonarr grabs releases even though RSS Sync Interval set to 0

Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Win10
Description of issue: Sonarr grabs releases although RSS Sync Interval set to 0

I have RSS Sync Interval set to 0, since I prefer manually downloading releases. This has always worked fine until now without a hitch.
Today however Sonarr automatically grabbed a whole season’s releases even though RSS Sync Interval was still set to 0.

The only error message in the log I could see at that time was “Failed to Update Scene Mappings: Site responded with browser content instead of api data. This disruption may be temporary, please try again later. []”, but I don’t know if this has anything to do with it.

Any ideas?

Upgrade Sonarr, v2 has been EOL for some time now. v4 is already in beta.

If that’s all the logs say I’d say Sonarr didn’t actually grab that release, even with info logs Sonarr logs when things are grabbed.

Sonarr did in fact grab the release, as can be seen below (I posted only the error message above to reduce log spam):

23-5-11 15:36:21.5|Info|NzbSearchService|Searching 1 indexers for [Ultraman (2019) : S03E03]
23-5-11 15:36:27.2|Info|DownloadDecisionMaker|Processing 1 releases
23-5-11 15:36:29.3|Info|Sabnzbd|Adding report [Ultraman.2019.S03E03.1080p.WEB.H264-SUGOI] to the queue.
23-5-11 15:36:29.4|Info|DownloadService|Report sent to SABnzbd. Ultraman.2019.S03E03.1080p.WEB.H264-SUGOI
23-5-11 15:36:29.4|Info|EpisodeSearchService|Episode search completed. 1 reports downloaded.

Never did this before, RSS sync interval has been set to 0 since always. Strange.

Anyway, I’ll d/l the latest version, thanks for the tip.

Maybe also silly after-the-facts advice, but you can disable RSS in each indexers’ settings in sonarr as a double safeguard.

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