Sonarr file paths in Docker set up using Terramaster NAS (TOS 4.1.X)

Hi all, I’m hoping somebody can help me with the set up of Sonarr/Radarr & SABnzbd using Docker on a Terramaster NAS - TOS 4.1.X.

Most of the guides I have come across are based using Synology, Dr.Frankenstien’s to be specific. So I have been trying to do my best to cobble the info together and make this work using TOS, for the most part they seem pretty similar. I have a few questions that need answering below, I’m a bit of a nov when it comes to Docker and this sort of thing, but have successfully been able to set up SAB, Sickbeard and Couch potato before on a Mac Mini that worked perfectly.

The main issue (I think) where its all going wrong is the file paths.

Currently I have a configs folder in /appdata with separate folders for sonarr, radarr and sabnzbd.

So in the Volumes section in the Docker set up, the File/Directory part is listed as /mnt/md0/appdata/configs/sonarr when I select the sonarr folder and the Loading path is listed as /config (I have not created a config folder in /mnt/md0/appdatta/configs/sonarr) - should I have done this? I did not gather that from Dr.F’s guide - also his File/Directory did not list the fist part mine did /mnt/md0/ should i be including this in the Loading path section too?.

Does this seem right? As I’m thinking I should be creating these folders inside the docker folder volumes e.g, /appdata/docker/volumes/configs/sonarr (still not sure if I should be creating the config folder after this or not?)

I mention this because I have found that currently once they have been set up, Sonarr, Radarr and SABnzbd are all creating random folders in the /appdata/docker/volumes with names like: 0b2971d61cd7274bdba14edf36a7482f50ab04a5afaf5279c6331a310f0f3e6f
and inside these folders are things like Downloads Admin and Logs folder plus config.ini and config.ini.bak

This may also help in understanding, when i launch SABnzbd i am confronted with the message: Cannot write to INI file /datadir/config.ini

Hopefully somebody will be able to decipher where i’m going wrong and point me in the right direction.

yes you should have linked it

no you dont need to create a config folder underneath - you could but then youd probably want to change the mapping to /config = /mnt/md0/appdatta/configs/sonarr/config

that seems like more of an internal docker storage location. container volumes probably get created in there as needed. personally i’d stay well away from that and create my own docker folder to put your own things under if you wanted to.

in terms of sonarr/radarr/sabnzbd you typically want to map the top most level of your media path across all containers so that they all have the same path and when sab finishes a job and tells sonarr/radarr that its in /media/downloads/client/completed none of them will have any issues finding that path as they all have the same /media volume mount. plus it allows for moves (which are way faster) and it wont have to resort to copy/delete

you either have no mapping for /datadir, an environment variable is missing, or one of the values in the config file for sab is pointing to /datadir when it should be pointing to say /config so it can find the config.ini

it really depends on which image youre using for sab as to what might be wrong. typically they tell you what container environment variables you need to set to get it to work, eg in the case of sab i would have expected variables for config path, incomplete path, and complete path, at a minimum, but you could also have those in the config file.

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