Sonarr downloads not showing up in Activity/Moving Downloads

Sonarr version
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Windows 11
Debug logs: See below
Description of issue: Downloads not showing up in “Activity” and not being moved

Hi Everyone, I’m having an odd issue that just started a few days ago where none of my downloads, either automatic pulls from my calendar of manual searches are being moved or renamed once they are downloaded. The download runs fine in SABNZBD (v4.2.1), but after that nothing no name changes or moves. I havent made any changes to my folders or any configuration changes recently.

I’ve also noticed that the download doesn’t show up in the ‘Activity’ queue and wont move or be renamed after downloading, but in the off chance that it DOES show up in ‘Activity’ the rename and move happen. I dont know what triggers it. I’ve manually run the ‘Refresh Monitored Downloads’ task. restarted SONARR and my PC but still nothing.
I have Radarr running on the same Win11 machine, but I dont have the same issue there. Seems isolated to Sonarr.

I appreciate any and all help on this

Trace log:

Debug Log:

I started having the same issue couple of days ago. Any chance you were able to fix that issue

I encountered this issue while on Sonarr v3. I tried upgrading to v4 and the issue appeared to continue but when testing the connection to SABnzb after upgrading, it prompted for a SABnzb category to be configured in the client settings. Once configured download activity in Sonarr resumed and upon completion files were moved from the download directory as expected.

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Thank You. That seems to fix the issue. I also noticed that sonarr not sending the file to queue was only happening on only one of my indexers. The other one worked fine.

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