Sonarr downloading lower quality


Im trying to get the auto download to work. I really just want the best quality, mainly full BD .iso/BDMV files. It keeps downloading a lower quality file, I dont understand what im doing wrong. Im trying to download a season, theres a 140gb .iso available but it downloads a 50gb Bluray rip. Both files are in the “Bluray 1080p” category!

Is there any way to just sort it by file size? Maybe its because the file has less seeders than the other one? Can that be bypassed?

Heres screenshots of my settings:


Not with automatic searches.

A higher number of seeders will be chosen over a larger/smaller size if the quality is the same.

Preferred words or must contain in release profiles, if there is something in the release name that you can use to match only to the releases you want otherwise, you can use interactive search and pick the result you want.

i know your current issue is both files being in the bluray 1080 format but youve got all the lower ones enabled as well so if you really dont want a 480 or 720 version to ever download you might want to disable those qualities.