Sonarr downloading but not moving tv shows

-Sonarr version
-Mono version
-Synology Docker setup
-I have had my synology NAS setup for 6+ months with Plex and the arrs setup through docker. I have had no issues up to this point using sonarr and getting all my media to show up on my Plex (which makes me feel like it’s not a permissions issues as this only started in the last week or two maybe?). But lately when I download something, I do what I usually do: search on sonarr, it starts downloading on sabnzb through my indexer (nzbgeek), it goes to the downloads-completed, then moves over to the Media/TV Shows folder with correct naming, then it shows up on Plex. But now there is a broken part somewhere as things are making it from sonarr to sab and downloading and showing up in the downloads-completed folder but they never make it to my Media folder or to plex and they still show up as not downloaded or ‘complete’ on sonarr. I’ve looked through logs and my permissions and nothing jumps out at me and as I’ve said this was working perfectly for months and it’s not working now even tho nothing changed on my end that I’m aware of. The only thing I do see in my logs after an example of a show that did not get to my Media folder is this “Series folder does not exist, skipping metadata creation” but no other clear errors and after turning on the debug logs all I see that looks suspicious to my untrained eye is “Skipping already imported check for episode without file”. Can someone help me figure out what is happening to make them not show up in my correct Media folder?



(I did turn on the advanced setting in sonarr to “Create empty series folders” just to see if it helped anything)

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