Sonarr download client help

So long story short I don’t know much about my setup I had someone help me setup 90% of everything but that person can’t help atm.

I have a synology NAS system originally everything was setup in docker containers but for some reason my sonarr and radarr containers got corrupted.

Synology allows me to install them through its app store so cause of my limited knowledge I thought it would be easier that way to fix my issues with the corrupt containers.

My rtorrent seedbox still works fine through the docker container though

So after installing sonarr and radarr through synology app store I launch them and setup everything but the download client I can’t seem to get it to connect to my personal seed box

When I enter the host which I use my iP address for since it’s my own personal seed box it says that is incorrect and I’m not sure what I’m suppose to enter to get that to connect

Any help would be appreciated

Somehow my containers started working so it looks like I’m good now