Sonarr don't start downloading torrent that are good enough to be downloaded instead i ask it to do so

Sonarr version (
Mono version (
DSM 7.0.1-42218:
Debug logs: and
Sonarr don’t start downloading torrent that are good enought to be downloaded instead i ask it to do so:

i am a new Sonarr user that i use with my synology Nas. for some resons that i ignore, Sonarr don’t want to start the download for some media ( for some it wants, for other it doesn’t)
for example i decide to add the serie " obi-wan kenobi" to the list of series that i want to track. when i click on the “Refresh & Scan” button nothing append, when i click one the “Search Monitored” button nothing append too, instead of my other series. to force sonarr to download the episodes of the serie i found that the only way was to click on the “magnifying glass” next to the name oof the episode i wanted to download

Then Sonarr seem to make a deeper research and find an épisode to download. you could say that my profiles are to require sonarr to find an episode that meets all the criteria, but clearly there are episodes that match all my criteria

as you see there are episodes that are avalable but not downloaded automaticly.

what can i do to fix my problem ?

thanks for tanking of your time to answers to me :slight_smile:

The only result for obi.wan.kenobi.s01e02. in either log was the report being sent to the download client.

The most likely issue is Sonarr never saw those releases on RSS and could never grab them automatically, the only way to confirm that would be with debug logs of an RSS Sync that covered the release time.

That refreshes the metadata and scans the disk, it will not search for anything outside of a case that does not apply here.

Likely because your indexer doesn’t translate a search for a specific search to also return results for each individual episode.

@markus101 I’ve seen this myself. It’s rare on my end, but it does happen. A bit off topic but this and my last thread make a great case for combining ALL the logs like almost all other programs do. Switching to debug AFTER something happens has never made any sense.

hello @markus101,
Thanks for you quick answer.

sorry but i am new with Sonarr, how can i get the log that you asked for. and how can i do to make sonarr grab these torrents automatically?

thanks for taking some time to answer to a nooby :slight_smile:

that very kind from you

For the logs it’s on the wiki page that was linked in the template when you opened this thread:

At the moment I’m not looking to see the logs myself, but you’ll need to look at them to see whether Sonarr ever saw those release and if it did, why it rejected them.

The FAQ on the wiki explains how Sonarr finds releases, which relies on RSS feeds and Sonarr seeing the release, it looks like it doesn’t see them in this case.

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