Sonarr doesn't work with qbittorrent

Sonarr version -
OS - Windows 10 Pro 1903:
Sonarr has been connected and tested with Qbittorrent(test was successful). However going on the activity tab still says “Pending - Download client is unavailable”. I have checked and double checked ip and port, to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.:

Guys please, I have been looking for hours but can’t find the problem

I see errors about no nzb client available, so you’re using an nzb indexer, but you have configured a torrent client? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I am sorry if my question sounded stupid. I had configured qbittorrent client but after your reply i tried nzbget and now it is working. Thank you
P.S - Any chance I could get NZB to work with qbittorrent or no?
(Sorry I am really new to this side of torrenting. I just torrented old school for years, going from pirate bay to rarbg to torrent galaxy. :sweat_smile:)

Usenet (nzb) and torrents are fundamentally different protocols and each requires its own client. Like how you can write a letter in Word or Excel (if you really want, silly example), but neither application can read files from the other :slight_smile: