Sonarr doesn't remove downloads from client after importing

Mine is working but for the life of me can get it to delete the torrent data after it copies it to the series folder…

In my example Im using an intel nuc, qBittorent downloads the files to the “Downloads” folder (Locally) then after wards Sonarr copies it to a network drive. Going to need to rely on this automation/deletion of files otherwise my nuc will fill up fast. :-/

This is unrelated to the thread you posted in, please start a new thread in that case next time.

Your issue is explained in the FAQ though: Sonarr FAQ | WikiArr

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Yeah I have seen that, just don’t understand how to set it up. I believe I know how to have qBittorent pause or delete after seeding for X amount of time or when ratio hits 0. But I can have qBittorent deleting the torrent data while Sonarr is trying to copy it to my network drive. So don’t want to set it up via qBittorent.

Right, you need to have qbit pause it when it reaches the seeding goals and then have Remove Completed Downloads enabled for qbit.