Sonarr doesn't download any Anime from Horriblesub website SD version 360p only 480p

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OS: Qnap
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I am using Horriblesub as indexer. Sonarr can grab any anime of SD 480p but can’t grab any SD version 360p. I have to download it manually. the issue only with any 360p version

At a guess, you’ll want to create a release profile with a specific tag that you apply to the series in question, and set 360p as a required term.

We need to see debug logs of a search or RSS sync where there is a 360p result.

I tried to create release profile but it didn’t work out

Here is the debug logs

Yes but what did you do and how did you apply it? I use a release profile in combination with quality profile for Horriblesubs releases and it works fine for me.

Furthermore, Horriblesubs don’t release all their series in 360p. Some are 480p only. Which show are you trying to grab and does it have 360p releases? From what I could see of the logs you provided there’s not even a 360p result to process.

UPDATE: So I decided to do a quick test. Added Lapis with an SD profile and my HS release profile and it grabbed the 360p release no problems.

Maybe I did the profile release in a wrong way. Can you share the way of profile release attributes?

In Settings > Profiles
Make a Quality Profile and select SDTV
Make 2 Release Profiles
1: must contain Horriblesubs
2: must contain 360p
Add a tag for both release profiles, eg. HSUBS
In the Series set the Quality Profile from above, and add the HSUBS tag
Now it should only grab Horriblesubs releases in 360p

Although this is semi-unnecessary as Horriblesubs typically only release in 360p or 480p but not both. So you could achieve the same with an SDTV Quality Profile and Release Profile 1 above. That way it will only download the Horriblesubs SD release. If you restrict it to 360p you won’t get a download at all for some series.

I think I found what’s was the problem. The profile I created before is working but the problem was the indexer. I m using Jackett as indexer for Horriblesubs that is why it doesn’t grab the 360p version. When I added Horriblesubs as RSS Indexer it works perfectly now.
Thank you guys for the support :slight_smile:

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