Sonarr does not Queue any Downloads

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I’m having several issues. The first one is, that whatever I do, sonarr does not want to queue any of my downloads. Whenever a Series is added, it does not start a download. The Indexer I use is, which seems to work.

For one Series for Episodes got sucessfully downloaded, but the rest was never found or downloaded. For any other Series it looks like sonarr doesn’t want to add the downloads to it’s queue.

I’ve tried multiple profiles, for the Downloads, but that did not change anything either.
My other problem is, that the series I selected was downloaded with English Audio, even though I selected German in the Profile.

When you added the series did you tell Sonarr to add it and search? If not, Sonarr won’t search, this is covered in the FAQ.

We’ll need to see debug logs of a search/RSS sync that resulted in the wrong audio release being grabbed. This will need to be for a future download. Your current logs aren’t debug logs and don’t show what we’re looking for (you should also grab the log file from Sonarr, not docker).

Hi Markus!

I’m really sorry for my late reply. :confused: I sadly didn’t have the time to check on my Server in the last days.

If I understood the FAQ correctly, then sonarr should automaticly search for episodes.
But even when I click on the search button near single episodes, nothing really happens, after sonarr says “episode search complete”

I did a RSS sync and this is my log file:
The log-setting was also changed to “debug” in sonarr. After a reboot and RSS serach this is it’s log:

Best regards

No, the opposite, it does not automatically search. It watches RSS feeds.

Please post the log file from Sonarr, not the standard output from the container. You will need to find a log from RSS when there was an item for a series you have in Sonarr for it to be of use though.

Debug logs of that will show you what Sonarr searched for. Make sure the series type is correct as well.

20-3-19 14:16:16.7|Warn|Newznab|Indexer nzbgeek rss sync didn’t cover the period between 13/03/2020 00:56:46 and 18/03/2020 03:27:11 UTC. Search may be required.

Looks like Sonarr wasn’t running for 5+ days, that’d mean it’d miss all sorts of things.

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