Sonarr does not look for Tvshow.nfo inside the folder

Hello good Morning. I have recently discovered this wonderful program. Which is amazing. I am Spanish and I have a problem when I add the series. If they have a different name, you cannot find them.

So I usually have my series like this “House (2004) [1080p] [x264] [Eng, Spa]”
Inside the folder is TVshow.nfo with TheTVdb data. and the Poster.jpg

So when I add a new series it doesn’t identify me either by the first name and year or by the Tvshow.nfo inside.

I think it is an incredible program but it would be good if it prioritized:
1.- Tvshow.nfo
2.- First name and year in parentheses and until then your search ends
3.- What is enclosed in square brackets “[” omit it as Plex does.

With Medusa it always does it through Tvshow.nfo but I like the interface of Sonarr much more.

Is it possible to do that? Can it be implemented someday?