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Hello Sonarr Users,

I’ve read through previous threads of this issue or similar but I was unable to reply/re-open. I’m pretty new to Sonarr, but I went to watch a show today and noticed Plex said it was unavailable. I immediately went to my Plex server and looked in the drive and found all my shows were gone. Nowhere to be found at all. My Sonarr runs on another machine so If/When it decided to delete my files, it skipped the recycle bin because the drives are on another Mac.

Does anyone have any magic tricks to figure out how to get them back if it’s even possible? This is quite a sad day. It looks like according the logs it started on August 10, 2023. I have no clue as to why this would possibly happen. Nothing was triggered recently.

Additional info to note: Only TV shows got deleted and not any of my movies or music or anything else.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.

The only real way would be to do some sort of data recovery on the disk(s) that files were deleted from, ideally before anything else is written to them.

Double check that Sonarr and other apps aren’t open publicly on the internet, since Sonarr doesn’t have automatic deletion a wide open Sonarr is something some nepherious people have deleted files on.

@markus101 You are correct, it was a nepherious person, ha! I should have known better but never noticed the ability to password protect the Web GUI. I’ve since done that and am lucky I had a backup of the majority of my stuff. Thank you for the response, it sent me on an exploration of the Sonarr app.

Now if I could just learn Docker so I can figure out how to access to the Web GUI when behind a VPN :- )

Thanks again.

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