Sonarr crashes and now I can't log in at all, please help!

Sonarr version (exact version): latest one available
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
Debug logs: sonarr log -
Description of issue: I can’t log into Sonarr; when booting, it will crash.

Hi there,

I’m hoping someone can help me, as I’ve been in a month-long battle with Sonarr. Usenet (SABnzb) is working, Radarr is working like a dream, but Sonarr…it’s a different story. Please know that I’m a neophyte, and it’s a miracle that I even got this to work. Radarr is incredible and super easy for an old guy like me.

I have a HTPC, connected to NAS and SABnzb download directly into my NAS, It’s wonderful. I haven’t been able to get Sonarr to do the same, and no, I’m not running it as a service.

As much as that has been an absolute nightmare, I have a far more pressing matter to figure out, and I desperately need help.

Now, I can’t even log into sonarr. I just get plain “The path is empty. (Parameter ‘path’)Version” when I try to log on. I have logged on as an administrator. It works when I boot the computer and then crashes.

I followed Autobot’s instructions to try to get a debug log, as I know you masters will need that. Don’t ask me how long it took me to figure that out, considering I can’t log in.

If I restart the computer, I can occasionally log on for a few minutes before it kicks me out, but after that, I can’t log in any longer.

If I can at least log in, I can investigate why it won’t download directly to my NAS.

Please, guys, help me when I’m at the end of my rope, and please be patient as you ask for IT acronyms that I may never have heard of. Being outright mean will bum me out; I’m trying to figure out something that seems so easy to you, but some of us struggle with this IT language.

Thank you so much in advance.

By the looks of it, it appears you have a root folder or a series with an empty or otherwise invalid path. This will either require Sonarr being downgraded, then fixed once the app is running or by opening the database in a SQLite editor then editing the offending path(s).