Sonarr constantly tries to download an episode

Sonarr version (Version

OS Windows 7:

Sonarr is constantly trying to download The White Lotus S02E02 and the quality has been met.

I would like to provide my Debug log privately because the logs shows information I would rather not share publicly.



Windows 7 is no longer supported.

Redact your log if you’re concerned. Use Ctrl+H in Notepad for mass replacements.

This is not an OS issue. Why do you have to tell me that Windows 7 is no longer supported? How dumb do you think I am? Every single time I ask a question on this site, I always get a dumb 1st response.

Would you prefer if I lied and said I am on Windows 10? Ok, I am on Windows 10 now and I have the same issue, but since you seem to think the OS is related, please enlighten me as to why Win7 would cause this issue. I really need to know what in the OS can cause Sonarr to keep trying to download the same episode over and over. Using your logic, this would mean that it should happen with multiple TV show episodes. Do you see how your response is just wasting my time?

Also, I am quite aware how to “redact” my log, but it is very tedious to do that when all the support has to do is accept a PM in some form.

Thank you very much for wasting my time.

I have no idea what the issue is, at this point no one does due to the lack of logs, so it seemed prudent to get the most obvious point out of the way and then quickly move on (as I did).

I also have no knowledge of your technical abilities, you’re just a random person on the internet. You could be a professional developer or technician, or you could be a technophobe who just wants some TV shows.

I don’t check a user’s post history before replying to them, so I have no idea how other people have replied to you.

How exactly a simple sentence managed to ‘waste your time’ is beyond me, you could have just ignored it if it was so troublesome for you. If anything, your unnecessarily lengthy reply seems more of a waste of time.

I was trying to make an easy suggestion so that you could get help from anyone, and quickly. By all means though, wait a few days for a mod to maybe see your post and maybe tell you to PM them.

@shedrock that response is uncalled for, you can take that attitude elsewhere if you’d to continue that way.

Regardless of it being an OS issue or not not running Windows 7 is sound advice. While it still works with Sonarr v3 Microsoft dropped support for it after over 10 years in early 2020.

No one is interested in the “sensitive” information in your logs, Sonarr automatically cleanses most passwords/API keys/secrets and anything else you can cleanse yourself. We don’t do support or logs by PM, if you want help post your logs. If they’re too heavily redacted you’ll still be on your own.

Some ideas off the top of my head:

  • Someone has gained access to your Sonarr and is trolling you by redownloading the same thing over and over again
  • Preferred words: You have preferred words setup in a way that causes it to loop (indexer specific preferred words can cause this)

Post your logs as not to waste anyone else’s time.

You are entitled to your opinion, and I respect that. I may have come across a bit harsh, but I believe in solutions rather than unnecessarily obvious facts. I know Windows 7 is far out of date because just like every other Windows 7 user, I too got the same notices from Microsoft in the past.

Interested in my “sensitive” information? That was not my point. I am just not allowed to mention certain NZB sites, as I am sure “you” are fully aware of.

Anyway, I do not have preferred words setup, so that’s not the problem.

“Post your logs as not to waste anyone else’s time.” - You of all people should know that I’ve posted logs before while using v2. Maybe I am wrong here, but I cannot ever remember that amount of detailed information being gathered in the debug logs before v3.

My sincere apologies for offending @ilike2burnthing & you as well.



I am having the same symptoms, and it seems to be related to preferred words. (Not indexer specific)

Preferred words: You have preferred words setup in a way that causes it to loop (indexer specific preferred words can cause this)

In the screenshot below, The grabs are +8 preferred (due to release group and media format), but the import is +5, because the media format does not appear. It is thus endlessly trying to download the episode.

It happens a lot and I’ve been struggling to find a good workaround or solution. Any ideas ?

Adding that information when renaming (from media info) is probably your best bet with that naming, unless you can run a script after downloading (before Sonarr imports) to fix the naming, but that won’t work with seeding torrents.

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