Sonarr can't see unzipped files for import. (unRAID)


Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows): 5.12.0
Debug logs:
Description of issue: Sonarr cant import unzipped files from Deluge, yet can see them if I manually import them from the Wanted tab if I navigate Sonarr to /data/Unzipped. The yellow notification under Activity says “no files are eligible for import in data/Complete/[Show name/ep name, etc (this is the the folder that is downloaded from Deluge)]”. However, clicking the manual import icon from Activity doesn’t pull up anything, it says “no video files were found in the selected folder.”

I have Deluge put torrents in /data/Incomplete and when done it moves them to /data/Complete the Extractor plugin extracts files to /data/Unzipped. If the file isn’t zipped, then Sonarr grabs it from “/Downloads/Complete” and copies it to “/Media/TV Shows” renaming and doing everything correctly. If I set the Extractor plugin on Deluge to create torrent folder name and extract to /data/Complete then it will extract it in the torrent folder with the .rar files and Sonarr will find it and copy it over. I want Sonarr to move the file from /Unzipped to the /TV Shows folder, so I don’t have the unzipped file hanging around in the torrent folder.

Because sonarr can import it manually I’m assuming I’ve screwed something up in my docker settings.

My docker info is
/data <-> /mnt/user/Downloads/

/data <-> /mnt/user/Downloads/
/media <-> /mnt/user/Media/TV Shows

I can supply screen shots of the errors in Sonarr or my unRAID settings if needed.

This is my first time working with a Linux based OS, coming from using Sonarr on Windows 10.

Edit: The following is the link to the log when I tell deluge to use the torrent’s folder that includes the rars, and it can import from there but leaves the file behind as well. Vikings was a manual import, and Adam Ruins Everything was after I switched Deluge back to using the torrent folder as an extraction point.


Its logic. Sonarr looks at the WHERE IS IT DOWNLOADED TO folder. Since you extract it to a DIFFERENT folder which sonarr dont know, it cant work. You should change the extract folder to the same folder where its downloaded.


Do you mean Extract to /Complete or /Complete/[Torrent Name]

If I extract it to /Complete Sonarr will still not find it.
If I extract to /Complete/[Torrent Name] then it will find it, but only copy the file to the new location, instead of moving it. Leaving the rar’s plus the extracted file still in /Complete/[Torrent Name]

Shouldn’t it be moving the extracted file and leaving the folder in /Complete/[Torrent Name] as it was downloaded? For seeding purposes.

I did get it working from /Unzipped but only by using Drone Factory.


It should be the latter (as long as the download is in a folder)

That’s because the torrent is still seeding. Sonarr doesn’t check that the torrent was rarred and change it’s behaviour.

You could use a custom script in Sonarr to delete the original file after importing.


Thanks, I was under the impression that it was supposed to work that way without Drone Factory. I will look into a way to clean-up the leftover file instead of using Drone Factory.


Sonarr only know the exact download loocation /something/yourfile/ in that it looks for media files.

You can do it like you want, like map

something1/completed/yourfile -> completed/yourfile (download client) extracts to ->
something2/completed/yourfile -> completed/yourfile (sonarr)

So both programs things its the same directory, but it jsut appears after unraring… ^^

To move files which wont extract you can simply use a mv script if file older then X

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