Sonarr can't move completed downloads on Synology

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Synology DSM 6.2.4-25556 Update 6:
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Hi all,

I’ve done a search on this in this forum, but unfortunately i don’t know how to follow any of the suggestions i’ve found. Since an update around 1-2 years ago, Sonarr randomly fails to move completed downloads to the final location. After a lot of troubleshooting, i discovered that when this happens, i can temporarily fix it by going into the Synology file manager and reapplying permission to all child objects under “downloads”. I logged this with Synology who remotely logged in and ran some tests and checked logs. After seeing the issue happen, they say the problem was with the app itself, which seems to be creating folders that don’t inherit permissions and that i should log this issue here. Can someone please advise? I’m really fed up with manually having to set permissions on folders. as referenced here

or this

Thx fanboy, but i have already been through those articles. They are not the problem. That’s why i logged it with Synology and got them to look. As previously mentioned, everything worked perfectly for years and then suddenly stopped after an update about a year ago, or a little over, so it seems there is nothing wrong with the setup. As also mentioned, Synology have witnessed that Sonarr is creating the subfolders under “Downloads\Completed” that are not inheriting the appropriate permissions from the parent folder. This was Synology Support’s conclusion after watching Sonarr finish a download:

"Thank you for reaching out again,

The permission has been changed by the community package.

Since we do not provide support for issues caused by the community packages, we suggest you contact the developer of the community package sonar to help fix this issue."

Afaik sonarr does not make the syno package though. Syno community does, so the fix is up to them. It’s not something for sonarr to fix. It’s a syno issue. DSM 7 messed up a lot of stuff, so if your issues coincide with that… (update: just noticed you said DSM 6 in OP, sorry I overlooked that. So not DSM 7 related. But still a synocom issue.)

If you haven’t already, might be worth trying to run

At the end of the day though, it’s a syno package issue, not a sonarr issue - or so I believe based on how it has all been explained in the past, and even what syno support advised.

No worries, thx for the advice.

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