Sonarr can't access my Download folder but is in the same group?!


I’m sure this is another ‘can’t see the forest for the trees’ type of post but I’m using Antergos and I FINALLY got all my NZBGet/Sonarr/Plex permission issues sorted out but I just now came across another problem.

In my /home directory, I have Documents, Downloads, etc. Owner is MeanGene and this folder belogns to the ‘users’ group. I added ‘sonarr’ to the ‘users’ group (and wheel). When I’m in Sonarr and want to manually import a file that is sitting in my Downloads folder, Sonarr can see /home/MeanGene but nothing beyond that. Why? In my Linux newbie mind, if Sonarr is added to the same group that owns a folder, it should be able to access it, right?


Never mind. Switched back to Linux Mint and all my problems disappeared.

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