Sonarr cannot write to SMB share - please help


Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: FreeBSD 11
Debug logs: NzbDroneErrorPipeline Invalid request Validation failed: – Folder is not writable by user sonarr
Description of issue:

Sonarr is running and has been working perfectly fine with local storage. However, i used mount_smbfs to mount files that are stored on another network device that I would like sonarr to manage. This is the command I used:

mount__smbfs -I -f 777 -d 777 //guest@NAS/dlna /mnt/NAS

I have entered the CLI and verified that all of the files and directories on the SMB share are accessible by using touch and nano etc. At least from the shell, I can write the files. These are the permissions for the directory: drwxrwxrwx
and for the files: -rwxrwxrwx

That indicates that anyone should be able to write.

In sonarr, I can navigate the directory tree, so it can at least see all the directories. But for some reason, sonarr insists it can’t write.

EDIT: As a test, changed the completed folder for sab to the same smb share I’m trying to get to work with sonarr. Sab was able to extract files to that folder–so we know that the folder is writable. However, sab had some problems with moving/renaming on the share, which I think is because sab tried to rename the files too quickly. I can recreate this by touching a new file in the CLI and then immediately trying to remove it; I need to wait a second before trying to remove it. It’s possible that this particular NAS device is a little slow, which is fine and I accept. Is it possible that the way sonarr checks whether something is writable is related to this? And if so, how do I solve? Or is this totally unrelated and is it just a sonarr glitch?

I guess I include this information just to confirm that the smb share is correctly mounted, with correct permissions.

SMB mount permission issue for sonarr only

Sonarr does basically the same thing, so that’s likely your issue.

I’d recommend trying NFS instead, SMB + mono (Sonarr, Radarr, etc) has issues in some setups, which could be worse in your case due to the issues you’re already seeing.


Thanks for taking the time to reply. Sadly, this NAS device only supports AFP or SMB, not NFS. I may have to ultimately ditch this other NAS and replace it, but it would be frustrating to encounter a similar problem after spending money on another device, so I’d hoped to be able to solve this.

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