Sonarr automatic searching not working for TV-shows, but does for Anime.. for months PLZ help

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows): by
OS: Unraid
Debug logs: Sonarr.2.txt, Sonarr.1.txt, sonarr.0.txt, sonarr.debug.25.txt, sonarr.trace.24.txt, sonarr.trace.42.txt & sonarr.txt. Also Jacket Search.png.

Description of issue:
Hello, for the past year I’ve suddenly ran into trouble where sonarr stopped automaticaly grabbing new releases and stopped downloading them. This used to be the case for Anime instead of regular TV shows, but it suddenly swapped and I have not been able to find out why.

I’ve include my debug, trace, regular sonar logs & an image of the search result in Jacked which has my indexers that Sonarr conects to. There you can see that “The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live
S01E03” should have been downloaded, but even though jacked has known about the release for 30 hours or more, sonarr simply ignores the results and does not download the new episode, and this is the case for ALL my standerd TV-shows. 98% of Anime does not have this problem. Change shows from 1080p to 2160p or back has no effect.

Is there anyone with experience with this kind of issue and can tell me why Sonarr would suddenly stop automatic downloading of new episodes? At this point i’m ready to remove Sonarr & also Radar from my NAS and go back to downloading everything manually, since it’s not working anymore.

Please help. If you need any extra information, please let me know.

Here is a URL with my logs: I belive Sonarr.trace.42.txt is the most important one. It showed the most information with my GREP search.

Sonarr LOGS:

Jacket Search:



PS: I also included a image of my indexers & events (shows that one indexer always can’t find between period A & B. But I still got other indexers).

Sonarr.trace.42.txt seems to be the only one of use there, and it just shows all results from TheRARBG being rejected, either because there’s no matching series or they’re films or porn.

I’d suggest you configure more indexers, as clearly just those 5 (and only 2 for non-anime TV) aren’t cutting it. TorrentGalaxy, ShowRSS, and EZTV should cover it, but if you want a couple others then throw in 1337x and GloDLS too.

Alright I’ll add a few more indexers for normal shows. However, in the past rarrbg and the other one was always enough.

Plus when I manually do quick search, I always instantly get a download. It’s always the automatically part that doesn’t seem to work.

Take a look at your configured categories for the indexer, as there should only be TV and anime results, not films and porn. If you’re just returning everything then there’s a good chance that some TV and anime uploads may be missed as they won’t be on the first page of 40 results.

In the past I had only default categories on (TV & Movies), but since it did work anymore I clicked on any categorie wit TV/movies in it, including TV/porn,TV/music, TV/anime, etc. But it had zero effect. Ilreset it to default in addition I’ll add the extra ones you told me about.

I will have to wait a few days to see result, as the next standerd shows on my calender wil be I’m 2 days, so il get back to you.

Update to today’s Jackett, we’ve bumped the number of returned results for TheRARBG from 40 to 100, should help - therarbg: fetch up to 100 results #14685 · Jackett/Jackett@33ab197 · GitHub

Oke, so i’ve updated my existing indexers so the ones for TV shows only have TV selected for main category & anime for the anime category. I’ve also added 1 indexer (TorrentGalaxy, ShowRSS), EZTV & 1337x doen’t work properly.

Although TorrentGalaxy also shows signs of issues. Every now and then I get the following event message:

I got 7 indexers in total now. 3 for Anime and 4 for TV shows. Plus I also checked the event nog and there is now no warnings for RARBG anymore after the change.

Friday is the day the next TV show will be downloaden. I will get back to you with the results.

It seems like adding more indexers and making each one more specific for one type of show has solved the problem. For two days new episodes have been found and downloaded, so i’m marking the issue as resolved. If it ever comes back I will let you know ^^.

Thanks for the assistent, i’m very happy it’s working again. Now I can again join the automatic adding of new shows to my Plex.

PS: There are still some errors with 1 or 2 indexers every now and then (1-3 a day), but most of the time they seem to be working properly.

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