Sonar using Jacket

Sonarr Version working well with nzbdget, installed Jacket and working in Manual search only
Had it all working in version 2 and jacket not working in version 3.
How do I get Sonarr to see and use all the search indexers in jacket?.
Do I need to add then all to sonarr indexer?

Sonarr only users the trackers you add to it, so yes.

The one that I need to work in sonarr is bitsearch, it works in jacket with the Manual search, but it will not let me add it in sonar for the the url when I copy and paste the torznab feed, the test comes back failed.
All the others ones I added tested ok and work.
Am I missing something?

If you can’t add it then the RSS feed / test query for that tracker fails to return any results in your configured categories - that should also be exactly what the error is saying as well

Yep that did the trick, working now, you the man