Sonar re-downloads after I delete using Plex

Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Windows 10
Description of issue: I use Plex to watch shows, and then delete them when I’m done. Sometimes, but not every time, Sonarr will re-queue the show for download I just watched and deleted. I use SABNzbd for the downloader. I delete it two or three times before Sonarr finally stops downloading. I can also go into Sonarr and stop monitoring the episode, but that is undesirable. Is there a configuration that can prevent the re-downloads?

For v2, you can go
Settings -> Media management tab -> File management header -> Ignore Deleted Episodes

Haven’t used v3 yet, but I would guess there is something similar there too.

yep, the ignore deleted episodes option is still in the same place in v3

Brilliant. Thank you. I ticked it and will monitor.