Sonar discards Release Profile

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OS: Server 2022
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I have an release profile with some tags for “Must not contain”. i got DV and variants in this field, but sonarr still downloads releases with DV in the name.
My TV doenst support DV, so i dont want them :slight_smile: Otherwise i got an green/pink tint picture.

Provide screenshots of your release profile, including tags and the series / episode history including tags and provide the logs that the forum template notes are needed of sonarr ignoring the release profile

Most likely you’re release profile is configured not how you think it is.

You don’t need to block all DV either

Here are some screenshots, it mostly happens with Halo atm, but did some other series as well before.
I got this set up the same as Radarr, and that ones works fine, no movies with DV in it.
When i search manual, he also gives no rejection reason about this, Radarr does.
The other download i did manual this afternoon.

PS: ignore the pushbullet errors, account didnt work anymore, bud didnt know, it now removed :stuck_out_tongue:

pass: Xt3Pu7yjZN

Your release profile have duplicates, it’s case insensitive if regex is not used.

You’ve told sonarr to only apply that release profile to releases from omg and not any other indexer.

Presumably the reject reason of cutoff trumps it bothering to look at the rest?

Why reinvent the wheel and trying your own custom solution rather than using the regex from trash’s guides

i’ve added thoses, and there are not duplicates, but variants. On RADARR i have only DV, and it works fine.

I only have 1 indexer, so thats no the issue.

i am not trying to reinvent the wheel, i trying use the software intendend.
But i added the regex in the Must contain and will wait an see… (removed the otherones of course)

this i meant with radarr:
2022-05-13 09_14_55-The Northman - Radarr en nog 1 andere pagina - Persoonlijk - Microsoft​ Edge

DV is the same as dv
.DV. is the same as .dv.

.DV. and DV are the same as well for matching purposes

those are duplicates. As the helptext notes, its case insensitive.

Your release profile is only applied to an Indexer named OMG as mentioned earlier. it will not apply to any other indexer including omg (prowlarr) which is where your search results are from. Everything is working exactly as you have configured it.

I am still waiting for an search. So dont know if it works yet :stuck_out_tongue:
But when i do an manual search it says the it contains. So it looks like its works.

But about the the restrictions, i read it the way around, that is was case sensitive, that my bad.