Sonaar not downloading Superman & Lois

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OS: Windows 10
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I can’t seem to download the Superman & Lois show reliably. I only recently added the HEVC and x265 filters to my download criteria, but it’s been a problem before that. I just enabled debug logging and most of the entries are rejecting the x265, but there are multiple results for each episode on my indexing site (NZB Finder). However the show comes up as “Superman.and.Lois” on the indexer, so I’m wondering if that’s why Sonaar’s not grabbing them. I submitted an entry to the google docs spreadsheet (row 3069, posted June 3rd; TVDB ID 375655) and they said to submit a post on the forum.

From what I can see by searching “S01E08”, the only one it finds contains x265, but again my indexer has multiple posts of all qualities that don’t contain X265 or HEVC in their description.

Can someone tell me what’s going on? For the most part Sonaar works very well but it’s been super flaky with this show.

The ones that it does see, are ones that I’ve downloaded manually and copied to the folder.


mine is working ok but im preferring 720p 265 variants.

your log shows what appears to be a season level search but every file returned is either blacklisted, lower quality than what you already have, or 265 (which you dont want). search the logs for DownloadDecisionMaker if you want to find out why it was or was not processed.

ie, its working perfectly fine. perhaps using a different indexer would be something you could look at?

two things. searching is completely different to rss feeds - and sonarr only checks rss feeds. it does not (automatically) search. you could be losing data from the rss feeds if your indexer has a very high throughput and youre not checking enough to keep up.

theres nothing in that log about rss feeds so you may want to check the other logs to see if there are warnings about missing rss data.

if i remember correctly sonarr also does not search by series name, it searches by series id, so if your indexer does not assign an id to the file then it wont be found in a search. sonarr might fall back to a name search if nothing is found, but youre getting a result so its finding something.

what do you get for a manual search? if you get more results from this maybe check that you indexers are setup for both manual and auto searches, as well as rss.

Thanks for the reply rhom! The solution turned out to be much simpler…

I only had the “HD” and “SD” categories enabled for TV shows. There were a number of others that weren’t configured on the indexer settings in Sonaar, and that’s where all of those episodes were categorized that I was seeing on the indexer page, but not in the Sonaar logs. Mystery solved! A manual search within Sonaar now picks up all of what I’m seeing on the indexer itself.