Something is deleting the downloads folder

Sonarr version (exact version)
Windows 11:
This has been an ongoing issue. I noticed that I had to keep trying to get Sonarr to download missing episodes. I knew they were getting downloaded by SABNZD but then wouldn’t be brought in, leaving the status of the episode purple. It also looks like Sonarr keeps going and looking for the episode without finding it.

However, I was trying to find a solution by putting in a video file that shouldn’t be imported by Sonarr, called TempVideoTwo (it was the second one I tried) when I noticed the download folder (which is still called D:\Sickbeard) had vanished and then was recreated. With the deletion, the test file inside was also gone.:

Trace Log here PrivateBin

Any suggestions welcomed, as this has been baffling me for months.

  1. d:\sickbeard does not actually exist
  2. sonarr does not have permissions into d:\sickbeard
  3. some other program is deleting if before sonarr can get to it - sonarr checks once every 60 seconds so theres time for that to happen.
  • why is sab setup to save to d:\sickbeard and not something a bit more logical like d:\sab or d:\downloads\sab?
  • plus, it would be far less likely for something else to delete the folder/files if you reconfigured sab to save them elsewhere.
  • if you did reconfigure the categorys path in sab to something new and it continues to be deleted then it’s probably sab doing it for some reason, so you would need to check the logs from sab.

could you supply screenshots of your categories in sab, eg

and any sorting (i dont have any, and you really dont want sab moving stuff around anyway, sonarr does that)

and what version of sab you have

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You legend, thank you.

So d:\sickbeard did exist, it was just being deleted. I hadn’t actually run sickbeard on this windows install, the name was just a holdover being that it was what I kept calling that folder on the new install.

Nothing else used that folder, just SAB and Sonarr.

So I created a new folder called sab. Updated SAB to use that folder instead for completed downloads, and the new folder no longer gets deleted. The sickbeard folder has now vanished for good, whatever was deleting it doing it for a final time. It won’t have to delete it again as it isn’t being recreated by SAB.

So thank you. I have spent hours trawelling the internet looking for a cause, reading through logs, trying to find the issue. I’ll never know what it was, but I’m glad that it’s stopped :slight_smile:

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