Some TV Series are not available or very spotty

After many years of torrents w/VPN, I moved to Usenet basically because of my recent upgrade to gigabit internet. I absolutely love Usenet, especially with Sonarr. I still use torrents once in a while to find something that is not available on Usenet. I have a list of 35 TV Series that I watch and a few of them are never or almost never available. I also cannot find them on torrents. Is there a way to request them to be added ? (I know it’s a silly question but who knows - maybe there is a way.) Here are a few of the shows I watch which are totally missing or very spotty:

The This Old House Hour (Not plain old This Old House)
Wheeler Dealers
Long Lost Family (US)

Being released in scene…

Not being released…

Confusing Times ahead…
There are no releases for…

But it seems that the US show is also being releases as…
So it is getting mixed in with the original series, also it would seem that season 03 is not being released by scene.

Wheeler Dealers Series mapping is wrong when compared to Scene. Create an entry on

tl;dr The reason Sonarr cant find anything is because shows are either not being released/uploaded anywhere or the mapping is wrong (not existent) on

Availability of the show for download is not controlled by Sonarr only searching of locations that make them available.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I noticed the original Long Lost Family (UK) was getting mixed up with the newer (US) series with the same title. This is one of my all time favorite shows and I hate watching it with dozens of commercials on TV.

Do I have to open an account on to report a mapping error for Wheeler Dealers ? It seems the Season # is mixed up on some of the episodes. I might try using NZBHydra to manually search for each episode since I know the episode name in advance.

It would be nice to request show uploads somewhere. I know it’s not up to Sonarr. I just thought I’d ask the question just in case there was a way to request a show.