[SOLVED] V3 install over top of v2 did not update systemd file; V3 will not start

Sonarr version: 3.0.1
Mono version:
OS: Ubuntu 16.04
Debug logs: Unavailable (cannot start)
Description of issue:

I installed sonarr v3 over top of sonarr v2. I encountered one error during installation (see pastebin below), but after doing another round of updating dependencies and trying apt install sonarr again, it said that v3.0.1 was already installed, so I assumed the installation was successful.

Sonarr does not start, however. And when I examine the systemd file, it doesn’t look like it was updated. It’s still asking mono to execute NzbDrone, which was deleted by the v3 installation.

What’s the best course of action here? apt tells me that sonarr is already installed. Is there a sample systemd file I can try to update manually? Do I have to reinstall altogether?



I found the location for the new .exe and just manually changed /etc/systemd/system/sonarr.service:
ExecStart to /usr/bin/mono /usr/lib/sonarr/bin/Sonarr.exe -nobrowser

Is the installer supposed to do change this automatically? I didn’t see any warning about this in the installation documentation.

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