<SOLVED> Sonarr not moving or renaming completed torrent downloads


Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Windows 10
Debug logs: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-pX0A5OsumhiOSMFAaJ93QXhPyzld7ba/view?usp=sharing
Description of issue:

Sonarr was working great. Had a computer meltdown and had to set up again. Now it’s not moving torrents (Qbitorrent client) from their download location (G:\Downloads\tv-sonarr) to the TV directory (G:\TV\series name), nor is it renaming the files.

I think I set it up correctly. Can’t seem to find the problem despite Googling and looking at topics here.



Solved my own problem! The key was this post: Completed downloads not renaming/moving


That’s the problem. Sonarr relies on SAB’s history to know which downloads are completed and ready to import (it’s been this way since Completed Download Handling was introduced).

I had unknowingly set Qbittorrent to purge from the completed list. Hope this helps someone!


I don’t understand what option allows for “Qbittorrent to purge from the completed list” before being imported? I only see under Download Clients >Completed Download Handling >Remove (Remove imported downloads from download client history), so that would only remove the information only after the file had been imported? And that is what you want, right? I have your same issue, but I can’t fix it. Everything downloads, but I have to manually import everyday. Can you explain in more detail how you fixed your issue?


I had accidentally set Qbittorrent to not seed, which by doing removes it from the completed list right after.

I believe what I did to correct was go to:
Tools - Options - Bittorrent
Check “Seed torrents until their ratio reaches:” and set that value. Mine is set to 2, which seems to give Sonarr plenty of time to “see” it in the completed torrents list.

Note that on my computer Sonarr is making a copy to the correct location, so I manually have to delete the originals when I am done seeding.


Thanks for the explanation that really helped. I stopped seeding thinking it would expedite the import process and I guess I created my issue. Thanks again.


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