[SOLVED] Requesting Movies as single episode series

Dear team, would it be an idea to also download movies as kind of single episode series?
Indexers already have them in their database so that might only require an update to Sonarr?

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So basically you want Radarr?

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as had been said, go with radarr, its basically sonarr for movies, and they use very similar (if not the same) code as sonarr.

Actually, I had been wondering about this. Whether or not its possible to tighten the integration between arr apps. For instance, some anime include OVA (Original Video Animation) as specials or short films. These OVA are never captured by Sonarr, though they are regularly listed. Also, it would nice if you could opt to grab an OST (Original Sound Tracks) from films in Radarr, using Lidarr. Then, symlinks could be used to link to the specials, OVA or OST from across the arr apps.

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Thanks, didn’t think about that one :relaxed:

Yep, thanks.

Yes, right now I’m doing this but manually. The symlinks work fine in Windows, Plex and the arrs.