SOLVED - Linking Sonarr to Deluge

Sonarr version ( - Jan 12 2017):
Mono version 3.10.0):
**OS Raspbain:
Description of issue:
I am having a bit of trouble linking my Sonarr to my Deluge. is there a step by step guide on how to do this?

ok I have done some reading but I can’t get the two to talk, I have enter in the following but when I try and test option, I am informed unable to connect

Host = localhost
port = 38081
URL Base = blank
Password = "this is my Deluge admin password"
Category = tv-Sonarr
Recent Priority = First
Older Priority = Last
Use SSL = No

I think I am using the wrong Port number, but I can’t find any reference, to help me to resolve mine problem.

does anyone know the Port number which I need to use for the sonar and Deluge to talk on a Raspberry PI ?

ok I was being a noob on this, and I found my problem, I didn’t add the WebIU on Deluge. here is the procedure I used

  1. Open Sonarr’s web interface http://localhost:8989
  2. Go to “Settings > Indexers”
  3. Add an indexer
  4. Go to “Download Client”
  5. Choose “Deluge” under Torrent
  6. Name your “Download Client”
  7. Set the port to: “8112”
  8. Open Deluge
  9. Go to “Edit > Preferences > Plugins”
  10. Find and enable the plugin “WebUi”
  11. In the left pane choose the “WebUi” tab
  12. Check the option “Enable Web Interface”
  13. Go to http://localhost:8112/ and log in (Password: deluge)
    [optional]: change the password
  14. Go to “Connection Manager” and click your connection (
    and click “Start Daemon”
  15. Go back to Sonarr and enter the password (the standard password or the one you made)
  16. Leave the category label blank
  17. Labels” plugin and give the category label a name from Sonarr
  18. Test the connection. It should say “connection completed” > Click “Save and Add”

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