[SOLVED]Issues with automatic series/season downloads

Sonarr version (exact version): (linuxserver docker image)
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Ubuntu 18.10
Debug logs: https://pastebin.com/M21Pk5Lw
Description of issue: Sonarr doesn’t do a season search on automatic season/series search, skips directly to episode search.

I’ve been having issues with automatic season searches for a while now. In short, they never manage to fetch full series/season torrents. Above are the trace logs for en example shown with fetching One-Punch Man, but it happens for every series I’ve tried(about 30 or so). The logs are for when I tried it on but the case is still the same for the newest version. I’ve tried to get some help with this before here: https://www.reddit.com/r/sonarr/comments/b1yn3o/problem_with_season_packs/
but I never got it resolved.
The “usual culprit” things I’ve ruled out:

  • Partially downloaded seasons.
  • Wrong search type: I’ve been doing the monitored search in the top left of the series page(series search) and season title bar monitored search(season).
  • The indexer I use is AnimeBytes.
  • On interactive search, the only reason given for not fetching a release is Season Pack.

That’s what I could think of right now at least. I have absolutely no idea why it’s not fetching seasons, but from looking at the logs it seems to skip directly episode searches. Would really appreciate some help with this ^^’

EDIT: Wrong version for logs, changed.

A single episode search will always reject a season pack, based on the logs you’ve done a search for episode one, which happens to return the season 1 episode pack (which is more like a standard series season pack release).

The fact that this release is returned is less that it knows episode 1 is in season 1, but that 01 matches S01.

The anime series type doesn’t really support season packs and in this particular case you’d be better off setting the series type to standard and searching for the season.

Unfortunately the fact that most anime uses absolute episode numbers and batches instead of season + episode number and season packs limits what Sonarr does for searches.

I changed OPM to a standard series and it now fetches a season pack release. I wrongly assumed that season searches would still happen for anime series. Is there a reason it doesn’t? It feels like there is some confusing terminology for anime series in sonarr. Is it mainly used for long-running stuff that use absolute numbers like One Piece?

Anyhow, if someone were to stumble across this in the future, solution:
Series marked as Series Type: Anime won’t do season searches. They have to be marked as Series Type: Standard.

One reason is they don’t typically have season releases and when they do they’re batches that don’t have defined sizes, the other because you can’t search for season 1 and get all episodes in that season because they aren’t labeled with a season.

The time it’s aired is irrelevant, but it’s for shows released with absolute episode numbering.

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