[SOLVED] Downloading all eposide versions that match indexer find list

Sonarr Version:
Mono Version:
OS: DSM 6.2.4-25556

Just noticed that Sonarr detects episodes available, but validates all matching profiles to be downloaded instead of the first one. So if the indexer provides three HDTV-1080p episodes, it forwards all three to SABnzb that downloads them.
Can you tell me how I can solve this issue? I may overlook something here (if .true. my apologies).

you’re saying the same episode is grabbed 3x at the same time?

that should not be happening

what’s more likely is you have preferred words and are getting incremental upgrades

what’s a screenshot of the episode history look like

Herewith I link the episode history of the series @

https://ufile.io/3jb639lq (pls use slow-speed to download for free)

Top position is the profile I use for it. Looks like all episodes that match the profile are downloaded unless not the same profile’s sub profile.
Thanks, DD

please upload the img here directly or to a hosting site, such as imgur, that does not require downloading

Sorry, nub online :no_mouth:

I see no issue with those.

the failures are expected for releases that your providers cannot help your complete

multiple days between grabs, so that implies the episode either never imported and is not in queue or is being deleted and thus re-downloaded. Either way it appears the episode is missing and sonarr is downloading as expected given there are no delete episode events these do not appear to be upgrades either.

The other option is preferred words. What have you configured for preferred words?

To be honest, I have no clue where I should configure that? Afaik I never specified this - unless the title of an episode would be a sentence with preferred words. Tags I don’t use neither. Can you advise?

then this ^ is likely it if you have not set up any preferred words (profiles -> release profile

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Thanks, I indeed have not set up preferred words. What I also will do is remove and re-enable the series as it already existed before I switched from Sonarr v2 to v3.