[SOLVED] Can't get my remote path mapping to work

Sonarr version -
Windows 10:

My current set up is Sonarr/Radarr running through my main PC (Localhost) and uTorrent running through a Virtual Machine running Windows 10. I have managed to get uTorrent to store the downloads on my main PC but I can’t seem to get it to move from the directory it saves in to my ‘Movies’ and ‘TV Series’ folders

For example when a torrent is downloading it gets created in D:\Movies & TV\New Downloads and I want them to be moved to either D:\Movies & TV\Movies (If from Radarr) and T:\TV (If from Sonarr)

I have set up the labels in uTorrent, so the it will go to those directories as it shows in the VM.
In the VM they are E:\Movies and F:\TV

I have also set up remote path mapping in Sonarr/Radarr which looks like:
Host: IP address of the VM, Remote Path: E\New Downloads, Local Path: T:\TV

Would it be Remote path: E:\New Downloads, Local Path: D:\Movies & TV\New Downloads\

Or is that also incorrect? And do I need the uTorrent labels to be pointing to the Movie/TV Series folder, or would Sonarr do that once it’s in the ‘New Downloads’ folder?


Changed the remote path to E:\New Downloads and the Local path to D:\Movies & TV\New Downloads\ and now once downloaded they move to the correct folder and are then scanned into Plex.

A remote path mapping tells Sonarr to use a different source path when importing, you’re not telling it where to import to. Where Sonarr imports to is set for each series via it’s Path.

The remote path is whatever the download client reports, so whichever path the uTorrent in the VM uses becomes the remote path and the local path is the path the host uses.

So if a file was not being moved to the destination selected when adding the series could that be an issue with my uTorrent set up?

I can access my local drives from my VM either by going to ‘This PC’ and then for example E:\Movies, or I can go in through quick access/networks and it would be \VBOXSVR\Movies, which one should I have down for remote path?

Probably not, it comes down to permissions and Sonarr knowing where to get the file to import from.

Whichever one uTorrent reports.