Small problem with Episode Naming

Sonarr Version:
Mono JIT compiler version:
Debian GNU/Linux 9, Deepin 15.11

Description of issue:
I’m using the following for Daily Episode Format:
{Series Title} - {Air-Date} - {Episode Title} - {Quality Title} - {Preferred Words}
Preferred Term is: /\b([hx].?265|HEVC)\b/i

Everything works fine except when there’s no Preferred Words. In that case a single space is left before the .ext.

So with preferred word “HEVC”, I’m correctly getting the filename:
Title - 2020-01-30 - Episode - HDTV-720p - HEVC.mkv

But when it’s not HEVC, I’m getting:
Title - 2020-01-23 - Episode - HDTV-720p .mkv

Note the space before .mkv.

Include the space within the braces ({}) and it should be excluded.

And the dash I’m assuming? So…
{Series Title} - {Air-Date} - {Episode Title} - {Quality Title}{ - Preferred Words}

or ?
{Series Title} - {Air-Date} - {Episode Title} - {Quality Title} -{ Preferred Words}

One of the spaces and the dash are being removed automatically.

Yeah, the dash too, your first example works fine it looks like.

Great, thanks!

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