Slow import speed when using remote path mapping


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OS: Windows 10 Pro
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Hi, I finally got remote path mapping working but am having issues with the speed of imports (download) from the mapped FTP drive.

My setup is this: Sonarr runs locally, deluge runs on a seedbox. I have the completed downloads folder on the seedbox mapped to Y:\ on my local machine.

Host: (same as deluge client IP)
Remote Path: /media/sdf1/tihkal/private/deluge/completed/
Local Path: Y:\media\sdf1\tihkal\private\deluge\completed\

This seems to work but when an import starts (the ftp mounting software I use indicates when this is happening by showing a file is being accessed) I can only achieve around 20-30kb/s. I can confirm that when transferring a file directly from the seedbox via SFTP I can achieve 500-600kb/s.


Sonarr doesn’t limit transfer speed, it will go as fast as possible.

There could be serveral reasons this is slow including:

  • FTP throttling somewhere on the connect to/from your seedbox
  • Single connection versus multiple connections
  • Configuration/tweaking of send/receive settings


Problem has been resolved using alternative FTP mounting software.


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