Skyhook TVshow problem

Hi this shows times are showing 24hrs ahead than actual release. Others shows of this network don’t have the problem
example this show has correct times


The dates listed on TheTVDB match the information coming back from skyhook.

For example, both episodes 13 Now, I’m No Longer That Kid and 14 I Guess Your Weakness Is Still Na Moo show air dates on 2018-06-06 on TheTVDB and Skyhook.


That show is correct this show has the wrong times.
It comes out on Monday & Tuesday. But in sonarr it shows as Sun and Mon
17 My Son Wouldn’t Commit Suicide 06/11/2018
18 I Am Sorry That I Couldn’t Protect You 06/11/2018
19 Episode 19 06/12/2018
20 Episode 20 06/12/2018


Skyhook’s information matches for that TV show as well. If TVDB’s information is wrong it’ll need to be updated.


I found the problem and fixed it a few hours ago. The show week day and time were not mentioned in tvdb tv show main page. So the show was defaulting to midnight.


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