Skyhook not updating anime Specials after months

I posted this on the subreddit but after a while have not received any response, so I’m pasting the exact post here. I haven’t supplied any logs because there simply aren’t any; it’s not on my end. I’m sorry if this is some known issue, but I haven’t been able to find any information or advice outside of the standard, “wait 48 hours” which is obviously not applicable as these changes are months old.

Original Post:

The anime series “That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime” has had some corrections to the specials on TVDB - I’m talking months ago, this isn’t a “wait 48 hours” situation - but it never seems to actually pass to the cache. The information is incorrect both in Sonarr and when manually querying Skyhook.

What’s even stranger is that the show’s data IS updating - newly aired episodes have their titles changed from “TBD” to the appropriate title, so it is “working” but just seems to be ignoring the “Specials” folder.

Here’s the current list of Specials for the show as shown in Sonarr and as reported by Skyhook:

13: Digression: Diablo’s Journal

12: Visions of Coleus: Purple and Roses

11: Coleus’ Dream, part 3

10: Coleus’ Dream, part 2

09: Coleus’ Dream, part 1

8: Tales: Veldora’s Journal 2

7: Digression; Hinata Sakaguchi

6: Extra: Rimuru’s Glamourous Life as a Teacher, Part 3

5: Extra: Rimuru’s Glamourous Life as a Teacher, Part 2

4: Extra: Rimuru’s Glamourous Life as a Teacher, Part 1

3: Hey! Butts!

2: The Tragedy of M?

1: Tales: Veldora’s Journal

You can see the proper, current TVDB Specials listings here:

…and you can manually review the data returned by Skyhook here:

There are episodes missing, out of order, there are duplicates, it’s completely messed up. All of this has been fixed on TVDB, many of those fixes taking place back in January.

I’m not sure if there’s some weirdness with XEM or something that can cause this (there is no XEM data for specials at all, so I don’t see why) but I’ve been trying to get this to update for over two months now.

I know the, “wahh, why won’t my sonarr episodes update” posts are generally pretty cringe and 99% of the time the solution is “shut up and wait” but at this point I feel it’s been long enough to assume something is wrong.

The issue lies on TheTVDB’s side, their API returns different names, you can follow Titles on API don't match website · Issue #322 · thetvdb/v4-api · GitHub to see when that issue is resolved.