Simple statistics


i am currently having sonarr v3

i do love what i am seeing and it is way better than v2. thanks for the great efforts and minds behind it.

what i would love to see is if we can get a simple statistics at this time that keeps growing as we move forward.

basically and as a starter:

count of hits (total, and per indexer)
count of download (grabbed and files) (total, and successful)
downloaded per day/ per month.

i know these data are somehow stored into sonarr, what it needs is a simple consolidation.

i know that if we go into each episode we can find some details but it is time consuming to go around line by line.

i have seen similar requests, and i know that the developer will have to prioritize the requests, what i am asking here is to have a look into this and support us with it. it would be highly appreciated.

i have other enhancement requests for sonarr 3 mainly on the look and feel which i will address separately.

regards, and stay safe

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