Show up and coming episodes for a longer period of time

I recently switched from Sickbeard to Sonarr. So far I love it.

However, I’d like to see shows stay up top based on sorting the “Next Airing” column longer than the specific hour they are scheduled to air.

For instance, using Sickbeard, a show scheduled for 7pm, stays in the top of the list, until midnight/the next day. It lets me know what shows should have been downloaded that day, and were not downloaded for some reason.

It is a nice feature to see if an indexer failed, or if a show is unavailable via my download sources.

Sometimes if I start watching TV later at night, half the shows that should be downloaded that night, have moved down the “next airing” list, because the exact hour they are expected to air is past.

Is this a setting I can change? Or would this be a new feature?

That’s not a something that you can change and not something we have plans to support as this information is all on the calendar.