Several Errors and Issues

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows): Using Windows 10
OS: Windows 10
Debug logs: Several logs with Sonarr and SABnzbd
Description of issue:
Been having several issues lately since removing my NAS drive and buying new hard drives for my media files. Hopefully some can help clear up many of my errors being shown as well as help me with figuring out why I am having the problems I am having.
(If there are any possibly threats/risks in my log files please be sure to let me know so I can remove IP or whatnot)

  1. Sonarr is not grabbing “English” versions of shows

  2. Sonarr constantly sending duplicates to SABnzbd. Very big problem for me as I am going over on my data quota the last 3 months times 10 times costing me much $$$ if I don’t catch it on time.

  3. All of my Series are “Properly Mapped”. When I do to ‘Series’-‘Import’ I have ‘-’ “Unmapped folders”. However when I go to “Mass Editor” I do not see some of my Series listed. How do I correct this?

  4. Sonarr sometimes not grabbing completed downloads and I am having to use FileBot to rename/sort/move using this syntax:
    [O:/Sorted Media/{plex.derive {" [$vf.$vc.$ac]"}}]

Please note: I don’t have Sonarr or SABnzbd using any Filebot scripts yet as I was hoping Sonarr would be able to handle it without having to touch it but I have to usually manually use Filebot GUI if Sonarr doesn’t do it automatically.

  1. [Hopefully this is okay to ask here] - I watch most of my TV on a 60" 4k TV, not sure how much of a diffence it matters from 1080p to 720p but I know many users say to download 720p to save on data limits. Would I see that major of a difference in setting my max grabs to 720p?

Sonarr Logs

SABnzbd Logs

Again, please let me know if there is sensitive information posted in my logs so I can remove.

Thanks in advance for all and any help!

I am only using one drive for all my media now it is O:\ DRIVE

I don’t have L:, don’t have M:, and don’t have Z:
Not sure how to get Sonarr to understand that because I have already deleted the folders ‘using the wiki of deleting folders’ from the “Add new series” way. I don’t see any existence of drive folders except for my O: drive , EXCEPT when looking at logs :confused:

First off, your screenshots don’t add a lot of value and require someone to scroll through pages of them to get to the bottom, that’s not very clean or useful. Better to setup an imgur album instead.

  1. Unless the release name indicates another language Sonarr’s going to think it’s English. No way around that unless you use release profiles to block specific releases

  2. Specifically which releases in your logs are duplicates? I doubt anyone is going to dig through all those files to try and track things down. Help us help you. Typically “duplicates” are because they are quality upgrades or they’re never imported and are re-grabbed days later. Preferred words could also do that. Screenshots of your quality profile, episode history and release profiles would probably help as well.

  3. Sounds like you have a filter hiding them or Sonarr can’t actually see all the series folders in the root folder.

  4. Logs will indicate why as will Activity: Queue. You can always use Manual Import instead of an external program.

Are SAB and Sonarr on the same machine?
Are SAB or Sonarr using a mapped network drive for storage? If so, read the FAQ entry on that.

What is the glaring red error (1) of the system menu of sonarr saying?

Sorry about that markus101. I just spent a lot of time transferring them to the imgur and edited my post. I know most of the screenshots were useless and don’t add a lot of value to finding help but I knew I’d be stuck at work and unable to provide additional information while I was there and wanted to be sure to include as much details as I could so I could hopefully fix the majority of the problems tonight when I got home from work. Sorry, I didn’t mean to clutter or make a mess on the forum.

  1. My problem is that it “IS NOT” grabbing English releases. Which I would like to correct somehow.

  2. Almost every single release is downloaded at least two to three times. It isn’t just a handful or one or two releases.

  3. How do I find out if there is a filter hiding them?

  4. Will look deeper into the logs and also Activity: Queue

I was hoping that someone would see a very big problem with my logs and fixing it would correct everything but was only ‘wishfulhoping’

Yes SAB and Sonarr are on the same machine.
No network drive is being used for storage anymore. When I first used Sonarr and SAB I was using a network drive however I had issues with a program unrelated to Sonarr and SAB using a network drive (ie:filebot). So I have now expanded my storage on my PC and have a full drive dedicated to Media now.

I am thinking about starting over from scratch and deleting Sonarr and reset up everything. I just know it will be a pain to do. I wish there was a simple way to keep all my profiles and settings, and delete all mapped locations and only have to worry with importing. I think the majority of my problems seem to be that there is remnants of old drives still mapped that I used to have.

The glarring red error (1) is the download client being unavailable because I shut down SAB in order to keep my internet provider making me go broke for overages on my data package. No need to continue the craziness of downloading duplicates over and over right now. I will figure out how to fix all of this before testing/running SAB freely without being watched

you have way too many logs to go through to find it so its probably simpler for you to find an episode that has been downloaded 2 or 3 times and show us the history tab for that episode

im going to presume its the normal, and wanted, quality upgrade that is happening, and not the exact same nzb?

as you have v3, you may also have preferred words (cant tell any more as your screenshots are gone) so if you do then that can also cause multiple downloads as it upgrades each time

ie, this is typically meant to happen if a better quality is seen in your RSS feed, eg SD > HD, or from a higher scored preferred word match

  1. Does Sonarr say it’s a different language? Or does it not contain a language? Like I said if it doesn’t specify it’s English to Sonarr.

  2. Start with one episode, what does Sonarr’s episode history show for it?

  3. Check the filter menu on that page

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